Sewer & Water Leak Detection & Repair

Slab Leak

Slab Leak Solutions 817-281-5325 is a slab leak repair company that has the experience and cutting edge equipment to accurately preform a slab leak location and repair at your home. A slab leak is a special kind of plumbing problem that can be very challenging for most regular plumbing companies to locate and repair, even if it says slab leak specialist somewhere on the list of all the things they do. That makes them a general plumbing company that may fix a slab leak once or twice a year. At Slab Leak Solutions it is what we do every day.

There are two types of slab leaks, a domestic or (fresh water) leak, and a sanitary or (sewer) leak. When you have a fresh water leak you may notice the sound of running water even if there is no water being used, if there is a warm spot on the floor, or there could be water entering your home somewhere on the flooring. It is also possible that water comes from between the brick and foundation or from under the foundation. Often your water bill may increase with no extra use. So if you notice any of these things don’t hesitate call Slab Leak Solutions at 817-281-5325.

If you have a sewer leak you may be experiencing a backup and often a backup is due to a break or roots in the system, roots enter the sewer system through a leak in the pipe. With a sewer leak your system may appear to be working with no noticeable problems but you may think you have foundation failure. Sewer leaks can cause cracks on the floor and in the sheetrock of your home, doors and windows that do not open and close properly. We all know that these things mean possible foundation failure but they are also signs of a slab leak under your home. Foundation failure and slab leaks often times go hand in hand. Other signs of a sewer leak are foul odors and bugs around plumbing fixtures. So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms at your families home make the right choice and call Slab Leak Solutions 817-281-5325.